Wednesday, November 03, 2010

America Got Screwed - Recovery Over - TP Gridlock in

America officially Screwed itself yesterday. The recovery has ended, Tea Party Gridlock is official. The just say no Republicans have the congress but will pass nothing. So what happens to the American middle class?

First what happened, the Democrats got a shock the Bush undead are back. The corporate criminals bought the Supreme Court. The treasonous supreme court bought the election by ruling that corporations are human beings and can put unlimited money into electing  corporate shills to congress. 

The bottom line is that corporate criminals were successful at joining forces with ignorance and hate in the Confederate Party, that drinks tea to defeat the will of the majority of American voters from the national election.

What does it all mean? it means the middle class is screwed. We are dead in the water. The government for all practical purposes is frozen. Recovery is dead, Education is dead, Health Care Reform will not improve. all efforts to take America to a new Green economy are dead, big oil is back. I hope I am wrong. but this is a big defeat for Dems and their middle class. The party of "no" was bad, the Tea Party is worse. I think their first major act will be to shut down the government. 

The good news is that their are now enough wacko's in the congress that the President has something to run against, the Republican congress. The corporations will run Palin for President because she is an empty vessel like Reagan and Bush. Only a small part of the electorate (base 30%) vote in the midterm. So now Dems know what will happen if they do not show up at the polls. The National election is a different story, most thinking Americans are in. If we do not wake up in 2012 then the corporations will officially own America and we will be living in an empty democracy. 

It will take some time to digest what just happened. Right now, I am very disappointed in America. It is hard to see the way forward, what do you think?

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