Monday, November 29, 2010

We Need More Whistle Blowers Because Governments and the Filthy Rich Lie

The classified diplomatic cables released by online whistle-blower WikiLeaks and reported on by news organizations in the United States and Europe provided often unflattering assessments of foreign leaders, ranging from U.S. allies such as Germany and Italy to other nations like Libya, Iran and Afghanistan.

Hetep and Respect I did my time in the military service during Vietnam. If anything is clear it is that the government and the filthy rich lie. My view is honesty is the best policy.
A Cultural Literacy Minute: Governments and the filthy rich lie. It is the job of the people who the government belongs to, to get the truth,the facts and nothing but the facts so help us God.
The docs were offered to the Gov't to redact what needed to be redacted and they refused. The wanted an all or nothing deal and they got it.
I voted for President Obama and open government. He has made government more open just look at the White House website. Or better yet what the VA has to report to us ex-soldiers it's customer this year, sharing part of its readiness reports. Big improvement. That does not mean his government does not lie to us the people as all government do. I want the facts I don't care who is in office.
We just got the facts from a whistle blower Mr. Potter a great American hero like all whistle blowers that expose lies and propaganda designed to fool us the public. Disinformation designed to disrupt a citizens ability to make judgement based on the facts, like the body count crap from Nam.
Le Monde said another memo asked U.S. diplomats to collect basic contact information about U.N. officials that included Internet passwords, credit card numbers and frequent flyer numbers. They were asked to obtain fingerprints, ID photos, DNA and iris scans of people of interest to the United States, Le Monde said.
If our government will do this to UN officials what do you think they will do to you. Or what do you think George, the torturer, Bush has already had done to you and I.
If George, the torturer, Bush goes to London to try to sell his book he could be arrested like Pinochet the international torture criminal.
What we need now is a Bush whistle blower now that his book is out and his lies are in print. What really happened on 911?
Next we need someone in that Republican Corporate crack mule treasonous Supreme Court to blow the whistle on how tables and chairs (corporations) got the same rights as human beings.
Hero, not only is the whistle blow a hero in the best American tradition of the Republican Nixion felon era, I hope this courageous individual inspires at least Bush and SCOTUS whistle blowers to step forward on behalf of the middle class and the working man and woman and shine light on the filthy rich and into our government.

For discussion and more details see MSNBC/NewsVine

There are even some people on the right who get this, as Mr. Paul says when truth becomes treason we are in trouble. I to would like to see some Federal Reserve leaks. Now that might be enough to get Americans pissed enough to shut the Federal Reserve which, is not federal and has no reserves, down.

Ron Paul: ‘What we need is more WikiLeaks’

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