Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Call To Action: Save Social Security Nov 30th. Sign Petition

The Republicans on the Deficit committee want to cut Social Security tell them Hell NO!. November 30, today, Hit your representatives in congress hard, call, email, let them know "Hands off Social Security"!

he Co-Chairs of the president’s Deficit Commission have proposed deep cuts to Social Security under the guise of reducing the budget deficit. They want to cut benefits for middle-class workers and reduce annual Cost of Living Adjustments. On top of that, they want to increase the retirement age to 69.
We must stop them!
Tuesday, November 30, is the National Call-In Day to say “No!” to Social Security and Medicare benefit cuts. We need every person to call their senators and representative and demand that they keep Social Security intact. Nothing can happen to Social Security unless Congress lets it.
Call the Capitol Switchboard at
(800) 962-3524 or (202) 224-3121.
When you call, tell them:
  • Cutting Social Security will not reduce the budget deficit: Social Security is funded separately, from employee contributions. It is entirely self-sufficient—even at today’s retirement age and funding levels—until 2037.
  • Americans are hurting right now: The only thing that these misbegotten changes to Social Security and Medicare will do is to harm its beneficiaries—the disabled, the retired, the middle class, and the poor.
  • Every dollar paid out from Social Security goes right back into the economy. People who receive Social Security house, feed, and clothe themselves with the payments.
  • Face the elephant in the room: Military spending must be cut. Progressives members will be in DC lobbying Congresscut military spending while the rest of the country makes calls on November 30.
Let’s make this a call-in day that Congress will never forget.
Tim Carpenter, PDA national director

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Aunk said...

Let the word go forth from hereCall To Action Save Social Security Nov 30th. I have an Iphone with the visible Vote ap. I can call both my Senators and my congressmen with one button. I can also send then email. They hear from me every month, sometimes weekly depending on the issue. They know my name up there they hear from me so much. I sent my fist VVote video face to face last week. I think I was the second one to use the app to video contact my reps. They will be tired of seeing my face. On the 30th you can count on me using all three methods to contact my reps.

I contacted my reps and Republicans today did you do your part?

pass the word

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