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Health Minister Stresses Traditional Medicine in Mental Health

 "The minister of Health, José Van - Dúnem, Saturday, in Luanda , said traditional medicine is a useful complement to conventional medicine for the treatment of mental health." Angola: Minister Stresses Traditional Medicine in Mental Health:
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Aunk Commentary:
Astro-Psychology 101

While this is a welcome statement it is at best an understatement in my opinion. first one must understand that their are at least three major schools of Psychology and they are found in the context of the worldviews that they live in. The Central Worldview (African), The Eastern worldview (Asian) and the last to enter recorded history the Western Worldview.

I was born and raised in the West and like most here I learned about the Western Psychological school of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. The notions of the Ego, the Id, the conscious, unconscious, lying on the couch (psychotherapy), the theories of chemical imbalances in the brain and drugs to fix it.

Now I naturally seemed to lean toward Jung as being closer to the mark then Freud, who I judged to be a lunatic at best. But what is important about what I am telling you is that no where in my education did anyone mention that there were two other major schools of psychology. In public schools we were taught that "traditional medicine" was crazy stuff performed by "Witch Doctors", unscientific etc.

Speaking of Traditional medicine few who are mental health professionals are aware that the first mental health system (Psychology) in recorded history was best described as Astro-Psychology and is found in great detail in Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt).

As I passed through my youthful near blind belief and faith medical doctors. I asked my self some basic questions, Self, I said, how does Western psychology work and what about the other two schools of mental health? The answers I ran across were real eye openers.

In fact, when I compare modern Psychology/Psychiatry with its psychotropic drugs to Traditional Astro-Psychology I submit that traditional mental health is more a effective and less dangerous means of understanding and maintaining ones mental health. The universe(one verse) is made up of energy and we are part of the one verse. The same laws that apply to energy above applies to the energy below. With an understanding of the laws that governed these energies and the use of reason one is in the best position to maintain a healthy physiological, Psychological and cosmological path to the ZOD (Zone of optimal development).{1}

Last but not least If you or a member of your family or friend have taken, are taking or are considering taking a psychotropic drug from a psychiatrist or MD this Documentary is a must see. The name of the Documentary is the Marketing of Madness. It is long 2.5 hours so if you are serious you will have to allocate time. But trust me it will be will worth it.

The psychological arm of MediPlex (Medical industrial complex) has a very distinct way of operating, you need to understand the big picture reality.  The health and well being of yourself, your family and friends could one day depend on what you learn from this most frank documentary. I have provided a short 1 minute trailer below to introduce you to the documentary.
Let's go to the video tape:

I have watched the full documentary (in three chunks) and I highly recommend that you invest the time with these serious people. Second, if you are not familiar with the other schools of psychology get familiar. It is remarkable how self-regulating health can be with the right information. .

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