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What is Integrative Medicine? (Video)

What is Integrative Medicine?: "Several decades ago, while dealing with the forces in the world that control
the rudder of this ship we call the American medical system, Andrew Weil MD was developing a program at the University of Arizona that blended different medical systems. Everyone insisted on the pejorative terms “complementary” and “alternative” medicine, and he knew that those terms were meant to forever subjugate the primary healing systems of the world to a second-tier status to Western medicine. So he coined the term Integrative medicine (at least he is the first person I know of to publicly and consistently use the term) and developed what became known as the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine along with a whole program at UA known as Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine"


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Aunk Commentary:

I agree with Dr. Forsman regarding the points he raises about the pejorative nature of the MediPlex (Medical Industrial Complex's "Alternative" and "complementary" medicine. and for the same reasons I use and support the term integrative medicine. As Dr. Foresman talked of a "Western" Medicine point of view let me add some Medical Cultural Literacy to the discussion which, will further clarify what Integrative Medicine is.

All three of my go to Doc's are integrative MDs, one was the chief pathologist at the Hospital I was born in
Columbia Presbyterian University Medical center, Dr. Ali and the other two Dr. Washkem and Dr. Koyki are Integrative MD's that are also trained in Traditional African Medicine (TAfM) and Traditional Asian Medicine (TAsM).

The first "hospitals" in recorded history are found in Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt) going back thousands of years before the Western Father of medicine Hippocrates. They we called Houses of light as contrast the hotels for sick people (Hospitals) we have today.  .  

Kemet is the source of holistic Medicine as it is the first place that it is formally recorded in the history of man. It is here were we find the first "Scientific Medicine in Recorded history along with the earliest know pharmacy industry with its RX that we still use to this day.    The kemetian's would not make a chair or treat a patient without due consideration to the Physical, Psychological and cosmological realities. Now there was no reason to call it holistic chairs or medicine then as it was just the way things were done by the majority in this high culture.

Greek doctors like Hippocrates by their own words studied at Kemetic University houses of light in the school of Tihuti. Why Tihuti's magic wand (Caduceus) is still worn and otherwise used as a symbol of medicine to this very day by the medical community worldwide.

It is still the case that the majority of doctors taking the medical oath swear to the African and Western fathers of  Medicine, do you know the African's name?

In time, Kemetic medicine would branch into two major tracts. The Western Tract which is physical chemical, drug, surgery focused and the Eastern Tract which, is bio-energetic herbal/food focused. The reintegration of the three tracts is what I consider Integrative medicine.  

The bottom line is if I need assistance in restoring my health I want an MD who can apply the best from all three tracts.

So now you have the full story the more things change the more they stay the same.


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