Saturday, October 12, 2013

LifeRcise 101: sleep Quality - Iphone App Tells U

My sleep quality was 93% How did U sleep last night?  I now have going on three years of my sleep quality data. My Health and fitness recommendation for the day is give up your old dumb alarm clock and get a smart alarm the provides you with  feedback about not just the time you spent sleeping but the quality of your sleep. Here is one feed back graphic my Iphone smart Alarm provides for me.  

The very first app on a moble computer (smartphone) that watched you while you sleep was Sleep Cycle.

I dropped in the gym yesterday to work on lower body. But the most important part of my day was this time my body spent sleeping (Reparing)..

Tu-a Neter for enabling me to sleep in cycle before the 24th hour of the day.  
My sleep graph for Friday 11 Oct. Analysis by Sleep Cycle smart alarm clock for iPhone.

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