Saturday, October 05, 2013

President Obama understands Cultural Poisoning when he sees it "Redskins" (Video)

 No, the President did not use the term Cultural Poisoning, yet but this is what he said. ‘I’d think about changing’ Washington Redskins team name. The President hits the mental health nail on the head. Videos)

"President Obama became the latest, and most high-profile, figure to weigh in against the Washington Redskins’ name, saying he would consider changing it because it offends many Native Americans."

Young people seem to get it but some do not.

The Washington Post also ran a poll as part of this story. Poll question: Should the Washington Redskins change their name? Results as of my vote 59% yes 41% no

Watch the video of the President's interview:
. Obama: ‘I’d think about changing’ Washington Redskins team name - The Washington Post: 'via Blog this' ---------------------

I as a matter of Cultural Health I stopped watching any game with a Culturally Poisoned name like Redskins, Chief, Tomahawks or any ethnic mascots years ago. In recent years I have stopped watching any sport football, baseball that supports the continuance of this type of Cultural Terrorism. My efforts and the efforts of others to address this mental health issue have not met with the kind of success we are working toward. However, now that the President of these United States and other prominent folks are weighing in we may finally see the movement to Eliminate Cultural Poisoning in Sports gain more traction.

The question is how is your Cultural Health on this matter and what are YOU going to DO about it?.


Aunk said...

Other professional teams, including the Braves, the Indians and the Kansas City Chiefs, have Native American nicknames, yet they have not been embroiled in nearly as much controversy as the Redskins.

Many college teams have changed nicknames and mascots in the last few decades. Teams at St. John’s, for instance, are now known as the Red Storm rather than the Redmen. Stanford teams are known as the Cardinal, not the Indians.

The Oneida Indian Nation, which is part of the Change the Mascot movement, will hold a symposium Monday at the hotel in Washington where N.F.L. owners will be meeting for two days.

NYT Oct 5

Someof the more Culturally Healthy News papers now refer to them in print as the Washinton Team as this story points out.

Aunk said...

The National Native American Musieum Recomends changing the name to The Washington Americans. I will give that a vote.

Kevin Gover, director of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, said Americans are taught through popular culture that American Indians are less worthy than other Americans. He suggested that if the team wants to keep its Indian imagery it should change its name to the Washington Americans.

USA Today OCT 7 2013

A psychologest has some thoughts on the mental illness of the matter:

Washington team owner Daniel Snyder told USA TODAY Sports in May that he would never change the name. Panelist Michael Friedman, a clinical psychologist, said making such a statement is a form of harassment and he compared it to a hate crime. Friedman said the Washington team name is damaging to the self esteem of American Indians and carries public health consequences for a community with high rates of suicide.

Thoughtfull people really do get Cultural Poisoning, now all we need is for them to utilize the efficency of Cultural Health Language so everyone can be on the same page.

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