Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Iphone 5S Puts Droid Clones Two Years Behind Apple

Hetep and Respect folks it seems to me you can sum up the CIRP report as follows. for Iphone clone makers like droids, The only thing worst then competting against one Iphone is compeating against two Iphones, lol.

The realty is the clone makers have two challanges in portable computing.
1. Apple's plastic phone, even before you throw in their unmatched Ecosystem with it's apps, is better then the clone plastic.
2. The 64bit  A7 chip 5S puts apple at least two years in front of the Iphone clones, most of the clones won't be abe to simulate (copy/implement) a usefull 64 bit chip that does not kill off all their existing 32 bit apps for two or more years. Then how long will it take them to get App Developers to write software to run on their catch up 64 bit platforms?

The Gold Standard in Portable Computing - now comes in Gold

Talk about Tim Cook and his A team hitting the ball out of the park, wow!

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