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Thanksgiving, Obama, The Pilgrims and Kemet


A conservative Group has tied President Elect Obama to the Pilgrims and they have done a surprisingly good research job, so I as a liberal cannot say they are wrong. In fact, I will add to their thoughts.

President-Elect Barack Obama and his daughter Malia (left) greet a man a during a visit to food bank in Chicago Photo: REUTERS

This Thanksgiving I gave thanks for family, friends, my spiritual development and my health. But this year, I added thanks for Obama, his family and the new more Culturally Healthy direction of the nation. I remembered the first citizens and did my traditional Thanksgiving Cultural Literacy Op-Ed and also raised, to some resistance, The Two Thanksgiving stories at the Thanksgiving table.

This year I am even forced to acknowledge one "good" thing that George Bush did in eight years of destroying America and the Republicans robbing the Native Americans blind. Bush actually signed the bill making the Friday after Thanksgiving Native American Heritage Day. This gives us two national holidays to tell the truth about and praise our first citizens.

President Barack Obama Anthem / Song/ Music Video


Now to the story at hand, Obama's connection to the Pilgrims by the conservative American Spectator, henceforth, let it not be said that I do not use conservative sources. The story shows a remarkable link from Obama back to the Pilgrims. But before we get to the details we must clean up one element of Cultural Poisoning that opens the article.


"…The several dozen Pilgrims who celebrated the first Thanksgiving in Massachusetts in 1621…"


There were three landings of Europeans from the Virginia Company on Turtle Island in the 17th century. The first two were in the south in what is now Virginia and a northern group that landed in what is now Main. The Massachusetts landing was third not first landing or the "First" Thanksgiving (meal involving Native Americans). For details see The Two Stories of Thanksgiving


In short the article points out that the Pilgrim and the Puritan Congregationalist churches merged and in the late 1700's moved toward Unitarianism. In the 1800's these social reformers were at the forefront of Abolitionism and woman's rights working against the Cultural anti-humanists. In the 1900's they merged with other churches to become today's one million plus United Church of Christ (UCC). Then the article asked the question:

"…How did the Pilgrims evolve into Jeremiah Wright?>…"

Now this question may seem unrealistic however, it is more accurate than the writer knows. Barry Fell from Obama's Harvard University wrote a book America B.C., where he reveals in word and pictures the African Kings and Queens of New England c.800 B.C.E. so, it is interesting to note that the Africans who came and taught some the indigenous people of Turtle Island to read and write with Kemitic Metu Neter (Hieroglyphics) are still felt today. The Native Americans, in their descendants, influenced the church which influenced Rev. Wright. Wright as a culturally literate African American knowledgeable about Classical African Civilization passes it on to Obama, and the circle is closed.

In the spirit of thanksgiving, this story from a conservative, with my cultural commentary, demonstrates how Obama by default improves Cultural Literacy without saying a word about Cultural Health. We should give thanks this year for the opportunity for learning before us.

Speaking of Learning hit the videos below. It is a good time to be alive.

Obama Victory Speech With Newspaper Slideshow

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