Thursday, July 30, 2009

After Beer, Crowley Says We Agree to Disagree

It is interesting to note that after the Beer meeting with the President Dr. Gates did not have a press conference and Officer Crowley did. (Video)

If I were Crowley I would have a press conference too flanked by my union, my lawyer and a PR person. Crowley's job and his life have been turned upside down due to his poor judgment and in my opinion Cultural Poisoning.

I think he knows or has had the risk explained to him. Dr. Gates may decide not to get mad, just get even. Cowley could be sued for false arrest, assault, falsifying official documents and illegal imprisonment of a law abiding citizen.

He talked about looking forward to a follow up meeting with Dr. Gates, one on one, to listen to each other. Has Obama pulled off another one of his miracles. If they calm down and think about it these two men stand to make a lot of money if they can agree to agree.

Dr. Gates like many African American (AA)was put at great health risk by this attack. Imagine if he at 57 with health problems walking with a cane had a hart attack or was other wise injured. If he was an average Joe like me he would have been injured and probably still in jail. What would the average Joe do for medical insurance after such an attack.

Dr. Victor Vega pointed out to me that Dr. Gates is probably suffering from Post Traumatic Gates Syndrome(PTGS). In Cultural Health terminology this is and AA who as a result of Cultural Poisoning does not believe he is subject to the same treatment as the majority of ethnic group. Often these individuals identify more with another biological ethnic group then their own. I know the risk when I leave the safety of my home. If an AA does not fully understand the cultural reality he/she lives in, and then is suddenly confronted with this reality this shock is what Dr. Vega refers to as PTGS. This can send an individual into a remarkable shock somewhere between anger, disbelief, fear and rage.

I think Dr. Gates did not have a press conference because he has a decision to make about his Cultural Health and how best to protect the health of the other members of his ethnic group and the general public safety. Filing a suit is the most direct route to preventing this danger to health and safety. A more risky, but possibly more fruitful Cultural Health strategy might be, some type of mutual apology, joint documentary on concrete ways to improve public Safety with pin hole camera badges for cops, and new health care reform that includes psychological cultural poisoning testing and dialog training for citizens.

How will Dr. Gates decide? In large part I think it will depend on Crowley's ability to mitigate his Cultural Poisoning either for the right reasons or because of understanding his risk.

How do you think Dr. Gates will decide?

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