Friday, July 31, 2009

What if Black Cops Did Not Support Sgt. Crowley

What if these Black cops Did not support Sgt. Crowley, his goose would be cooked, that is what. This shines a whole new light on Black and White Cop interactions on the job.

There are two things that I take away from this. One calling a person you do not know, an overt racists, can be an error. A person can simply suffer from latent Cultural Poisoning that may only show up under certain circumstances.

I worked with European Americans in New York for years good folks of good character who one day make an off color remark in my presence. Do I call this person a racist and throw the baby out with the bathwater. No, I identify the remark/action for what it is a symptom of Cultural poisoning. I help my colleague cure this particular symptom and move forward with a more Culturally Healthy co-worker.

Now with a cop it is a different level of public safety threat. My co-worker is not likely to destroy my health,or kill me because of his/her Cultural Poisoning. It is a violation of your trust as a cop to support illegal actions on the part of fellow cops.

I am not an expert but this guy is lying like a rug. First he is not in a position to support Crowley's attack because as he admits he was not their when Crowley entered the home and therefor does not have all the facts.

Is he committing Cultural Treason because he is frightened of his co-workers and may need protection from the community. Or is this his normal state of Cultural Poisoning and existence on the job, Time will tell. What we need is a trial to set the legal record straight.

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