Friday, July 31, 2009

The first Health Care Town Hall Meeting - President goes to the people

After Gates/Crowley we need to start over. The meeting was a most remarkably inclusive discussion of issues from single payer to, education and wellness incentives. The new American Health Care will begin a revolution in health care. (Video)

This first thing I noticed was that their was no scripted questions. The people got to ask what ever they wanted to ask. Wow, what a breath of fresh air. I want a pure single payer system like Briton. However, the president says that is not where he is leading us. I believe we will end up with a mixed health care system with for profit medicine and single payer (Gov't Option) as the new American Health Care system.

The good news is that in this public discussion the public is learning something about the nuts and bolts of the broken system that exist and the working systems in other economically developed nations. They are coming to understand that we already have both a single payer system and a private system. The question before us is what will be the new goals, rules and mix as we move forward to bending the cost curve down.

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