Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama Public Safety Beer Summit Results - Vote

Would you have a beer with this cop? I would not, but then again I would not be elected President either. The question is, what will having a beer result in regarding public safety improvements?

Dialog is better then digging in, But I do not see how this can have a good result. Gates says Crowley is a rogue cop and Crowley says he will not apologize for what I consider, assault, false arrest and unlawful imprisonment by a Culturally Poisoned cop.

Some in my community say the President drinking beer with rogue cops is like giving a green light to cops who abuse the power we have lent them. They say we must get beyond beer and fear, and switch the police green light on disrespect for public safety, to a yellow or red light. See my article on some solutions.

Just when you thought things were not culturally complicated enough it turns out that Gates and Crowley my be cousins. Check out this LA Times story

Poll Results: How would you vote?

1. Gates Crowley mutually apologize, shake hands incident is ended

2. Gates Crowley positions remain the same incident continues.

3. Other Explain.

What do you think will happen tonight at the Presidents house? I hope he don't come out in handcuffs. +[;-)

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