Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Micheal Jackson's Most Culturally Healthy Video - RIP

Michael Jackson's memorial service concluded this week. How well did you know his body of work? What was MJ's most Culturally Healthy song? (Video)

So what do you think, was it Thriller, Remember the Time, Billie Jean or some other work?

I was doing a series of articles entitled Egyptians/AA Yesterday and Today, when out of the blue, I remembered the time Micheal Jackson did his most Culturally Healthy Video. Did you remember the time when Mr. Jackson took a big risk and brought an ethically accurate Classical African Civilization, Kemet (ancient Egypt) back to the world stage.

Most Americans remember Hollywood's culturally poisoned representations of ancient north Africa from movies like Cleopatra and The Ten commandments with Yul Brynner playing an African King Ra Moses II (Ramesses II).

Richard Pryor who had a Cultural Rebirth after his trip to Africa, made a short Cultural Literacy piece for his TV Show that is known by relatively few Americans and citizens of the world Egypt 1909, it is a most remarkable piece for its time. Eddie Murphy also did a Culturally Healthy movie, Coming to America which, did not have Kemet as its focus as in the case of Mr. Jackson and Mr. Pryor. However, it did have a positive cultural impact worldwide.

Now I may be in error, but as best I can remember Mr. Jackson was the first major entertainer to successfully produce a major work regarding the historicity of Classical African Civilization (CAC) designed to improve Cultural Literacy in the world's mass market .

Mr. Jackson is known to be a curious person, always asking questions. I wonder what is the back story regarding Mr. Jackson's Cultural Literacy regarding CAC. Did he consult with African Scholars on the video. How did this all come about.

How was your Cultural Literacy. How well did you know Mr. Jackson's work?

Did you get the answer right? (No cheating, before you read the article)

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