Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Egyptians/AA Yesterday and Today 2 of 2

We know that the Classical Africans in their majority were Black because they said so and because the science, melanin dosage tests, confirm it. However, is it not remarkable that all we need is to observer the natural cultural performance of our youth from graffiti to hip hop and some basic Cultural Literacy to make our own confirmation.

When I was young in New York City, I remember when African American youth started writing/drawing on walls. It was a new remarkable somewhat cryptic artistic formation on walls that was hard to get off. Everyone in the community connected but the uninitiated did not have a clue. At the time I made no Legacy links to Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt).

Legacy Links that come to us in our ancestral memory and can be seen automatically transmitted to our children. And so today we see them like their ancestors wrote in stone so that there words would last forever, writing in cyberspace (blogging) so that their young words will last forever.

Speaking of blogging and social nets like myspace, and facebook and twitter. Do a twitter search on #bwb (Blogging While Black). From graffiti to twitti we are remarkable beings, that are so connected when we take the time to be quiet and listen to the timeless vibrations around us.

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