Thursday, September 10, 2009

President Hits Health Care Ball Out of Park

I hired the President and the Dems to provide me and my fellow Americans with the same choice he had as a congressmen. That is the plan he announced (Video)

The President at last nights joint session of congress, laid out his three point Health Care Reform Plan. He also put to rest the lunatic rumors from Health Scare extremists. If you missed the speech here it is.

The President's Three Point Plan told us what is in it for us. That is, what we get if we have health insurance, what we get if we don't have health insurance and last but not least, what the financial goals are and how we get there from here.

1. Have insurance: you get Security and stability (Dirty Tricks outlawed)

2. No Insurance: Quality Affordable Choice (Exchange - Same as Congress + Public Option)

3. Financial Goals: Reduce Cost and Revenue neutral

The President has done his part, it is now time for us the people to do ours. I am emailing both my Senators and my congressman everyday until Kennedy Health Care Reform is passed. I Recommend you do the same, put the pressure on and keep it on. It is time for TeamAmerica to once again activate and take the field.

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Aunk said...

The Black TwitOsphere has been lit up all morning about The congressmen from the state that made African Americans 3/5's of a human being and fired the first shot in the Civil War.

Congressman Joe Wilson's (SC) web site went down minutes after he disgraced himself and his state in public.

Here is a twit example.

Let him know RT @AroundHarlem: Obama Speech heckler was Rep. Joe Wilson (SC) tell him what u think: 202-225-2452 #blck #black #bwb

Cultural Soldiers you know what to do.

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