Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Black Minster Warns of White Riots

Minster James David Manning, PhD preaches about the White Patrick Henry like revolution that is coming. He implies that White people are fed up with A Black President and will riot. He says they are right and he wants to join them. (Video)

Lets go to the Video Tape

Some forms of Cultural Poisoning you just have to see to believe. The good news is, that those with their RaceDar turned on can detect cultural treason. Now many Cultural Soldiers have the Tech skills to make the treason plain. Here is a short clip where Manning describes his pride in using the N-Word in the 21st century to describe the members of his ethnic group.

Just in case you think Cultural Poisoning is restricted to Black people here is a White minister infecting his flock with Cultural Poisoning. You will note a member of his flock, Chris Broughton is a machine gun carrying African American. The mentally ill of a feather tend to flock together.

Let's go to the Video Tape Click Here

Cultural Poisoning can be a chronic dis-ease that moves to the level of criminal insanity. Cultural Traitors like Judge Thomas or Mr. Steel are one thing. But this type of Cultural Treason unchecked, can lead far beyond the common complexities of culture to a lunacy that is a danger to all Americans.

These minsters and anti-humanist Republicans like McCain have lost, that is why they juice up people like the Palin mobs and these sociopaths.

It is good that these folks are being exposed. We must smoke these people out so we know who is walking or living next to us. This guy is not much different from the anti-humanists against Health Care Reform. A MediPlex doctor against HC Reform is not a health care practitioner. A minister is not necessarily holy. A person that is against me having health care, is for my death.

Let us not be distracted by the Republican suicide bombers, that have been AstroTurfed, pass "Health" Care Reform in Sept.

Dems must go it alone, and run over the Taliban Christians and their Republican political puppets in congress. "Health" Reform must cover not just physical health, but mental health to include Cultural Health.

What can you do? March for Healthcare Sept 13th.

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Aunk said...

Dr. Joy DeGruy who is an expert on a subset of Cultural Poisoning she describes as Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS), informs us, from a psychologists point of view, about AA PTSS behavior as a result of the enslavement during World War Zero.

There is a form of PTSS that has similar symptoms to Kidnap syndrome where individuals who have been kidnapped act more like the kidnappers then the kidnappers themselves. You will note, that in the case of Mr. Chris Broughton, The Minster did not got to the President's location with a machine gun but Mr. Broughton did. Anti-Humanists understand how to manipulate the weak and mentally ill.

What should be done about children who bring guns to school? When do police step in to protect citizens, after the fact?

Rap Music said...

I dont beleive it will happen, but part of me says it will.

Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect Rap Music, I feel U on that. We are living in dangerous times.

I did not have any such thought in my head until I thought about the Palin mobs, the million moron march and what Minster Farrakhan has been saying on the subject.

However, this guy is still a Cultural Traitor.

Hip hop Honeys said...

Not sure

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