Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Presidents Back And Health Care Reform is on Track

While the cats away the mice will play, but last week, the President came back and gave the what's in it for you speech that completely changed the debate. In August the Republicans mounted a Health Scare Reform counter attack and now find themselves in Check.

I ran a story last week on Newvine with the speech video, President Hits Heath Care Ball out of Park. The discussion that ensued and listening to the main stream media, made it clear to me that many did not understand the objective of the speech and the outcome as I see it.

The objective of the speech was to return what had become the Republican "Health" Scare Debate, back to the "Health" Care Debate headed for reform passage. The President by telling the people what's in it for them, and with some help from Republicans, miraculously move the health care ball far more forward then I thought was possible

Everyone should have walked away from the speech focused on what details come out of the five congressional committees that meet the objectives of President's three point plan essential for him to sign the bill. If you have Health Insurance he laid out what you get. If you don't have Health Insurance he laid out what you get. He also explained the financial goals of HCR and how he plans to achieve them. So my question to you is:

What is in Kennedy "Health" Care Reform for you?

What part of the Presidents Thee Part Plan do you like/dislike and why?

1. Have insurance: you get Security and stability (Dirty Tricks outlawed)

2. No Insurance: Quality, Affordable Choice (Exchange - Same as Congress + Public Option)

3. Financial Goals: Reduce Cost and Revenue Neutral

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