Sunday, September 13, 2009

Williams Robbed at US Open Clijsters Given Match

US Open Tennis: "In the women's semifinals US Open tennis 2009 results with Clijsters defeating Serena Williams without even having to play for the last point." (Video)

This all happen because of an incredible bad call, there was no foot fault. The chair umpire should have reviewed the video tape and over ruled the line judge. The line judge should have been replaced or given a seeing eye dog. What a mess.

Check out the full story at Black Tennis Pro's this is also a good blog to follow the on going story. BTP will be on it.

Also hit link in video to take you to the up and coming 13 year old AA playa. There is a silver lining in every cloud.


Aunk said...

Mr. William's Golden Rule was right, don't worry about line calls beat your opponent. If your win depends on a lines person you loose automatically.

Aunk said...

Part of my comment on Black Tennis Pros and Newsvine.

Give me a break, a "foot fault" on 2nd server that could decide a grand slam simi match, unless the Mac was standing in the service box, he would have ripped the lines persons lungs out.

If chair judge did not over rule the lines person and replay the point Jimmy would have torn the chair down stick by stick, the police would have had to carry him out of the stadium.

If this was a street court in my home town NYC, this woman would have known to run for her car.

Dick should apologize, the lines person should be fired. Did you see the Mac sitting there with his arms folded, he knows what he would have been doing. You remember the shot of the Mac chasing someone with his tennis racket, that is being played over and over on the Tennis channel.

I think I will turn the US Open off.

verronica10 said...
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