Monday, September 14, 2009

President Says Health Care Not DOA (Video)

President Obama says not only is "Health" Care not dead on arrival (DOA,as some Republicans claimed while he was away, but it is alive and well. In his 60 minutes interview he answers questions about his What's in it for me "Health" Care Speech given to congress (Video)

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I think the most important comment from the interview was when the President said, the loudest voices get the attention and the challenge is how do we make sure that civility is interesting (Paraphrase).

This is the challenge for him and all of us that want "Health" Care Reformed now. I think most people who are sick, have ever been sick, or have friends and family with illness's, should find a civil discussion of "health" care not only interesting, but of critical importance.

In any case, I for one, will keep the civil health discussion in front of my readers. Physical Health and Cultural Health Go hand in hand.

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