Sunday, March 07, 2010

First Lady upstages President's Marching Orders with "Let's Move"!

This Week the President gave marching orders to pass Health Reform this month. While the President is focused on Insurance company sick care reform, The first lady is focusing on real health care reform with her "Let's Move" challenge to our children. (pics/Video)

The First Lady is not just talking but moving with our children. Wow, now that sounds like a plan to me. A person who is fit and in outstanding health trying to help the nation get healthy. We know that we don't do "health" care in America, we do sick care. So the President's plan, however badly needed, is at best a sick care insurance reform bill. So it is good to see someone focusing on the future health of our citizens.

You would think that this would be on every front page in the country. What side is your elected official on, are they for or against the health of your children? How will that impact your vote and political action?

This is another one of those opportunities/tests for the Republicans. Not unlike the televised sick care debate, we the American people need to watch this on TV and give the two party's a pass or failing grade.

Can anyone list one bill or national infinitive, that the Republican party has launched in the last 10 years, to improve American health, that does not benefit insurance company's and MediPlex (Medical industrial complex) profits.

Please do not bother to list Anti-Vitamin McCain's current stop the healthy people from taking supplements bill.

What do you think, will Republicans start moving too?


Aunk said...

This is the most fit first lady in my life time, maybe in the history of the country.

I saw a live video of the FL moving with the kids, but can not find it again. If one of your marvelous readers finds it, please link to it here in a comment. tnx.

sanjay kumar negi said...

the story is really good ,like when i read it .


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