Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Australian Universities Defend Alternative-Medicine Teaching

It seems MediPlex Medical Terrorists are attacking Australia too. Universities in Australia are defending their teaching of alternative medicine after a group of the country’s top scientists and doctors urged them to abandon this increasingly popular subject. 

Friends of Science in Medicine — a recently formed group that includes more than 400 prominent scientists, doctors, academics and consumer advocates from Australia and overseas — wrote to the vice chancellors of Australian universities last month. They outlined their concerns about what they called the “diminishing of the standards applied to the teaching of science in our universities” and “the increased teaching of pseudoscience.”"

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Australian Universities Defend Alternative-Medicine Teaching - NYTimes.com:

Aunk Commentary. These "Friends of Science in Medicine" sound like some right wing MediPlex (Medical industrial complex) medical terrorist that have been and/or are being paid to attack universities that endorse health care along with MediPlex sick care. I think the Allopaths are scared that people are taking control of their own health an in the process their financial and Academy blackmail strangle hold on MD's is not what it use to be. This is a good sign. However, we who are interested in Health Care as apposed to Republican medicine for profit only must make sure "Friends of, so called science in Medicine" fail in this new medical terrorist attack on institutions of higher learning.

Universities, should not cow tow to criminal corporations (MediPlex) they should expose their students to the full range of treatment moralities from sick care to health care available to help patients. The day of the narrowly trained Allopatic MD only doc is coming to and end. Imagine a health petitioner going to school and not learning that inexpensive vitamin C is natures natural antibiotic. How long were these "scientist" able to suppress Vitamin D? Like governments MediPlex has lost control of information as a result of the Internet and they are just figuring out that they are screwed if the people especially MD actually do learn about health as apposed to just learning about sickness.

I wonder how this story is related to the general Republican attack on education. Remember the attacks on evolution, the inclusion of multi-cultural curriculum and now this attack on the inclusion of integrative medicine. Interesting, isn't it, what do you think?

Note: look up "Rudy Aunk MediPlex Knol" for more on MediPlex.

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