Monday, February 06, 2012

2011 Top Tech Topics - InfoGraphic - Iphone

Facebook and iPhone Lead Way on Klout's Top Topics of 2011 Lists [INFOGRAPHIC]: "Social media users had no shortage of things to discuss in 2011 as big news — good or bad — got even bigger online.

Hot topics that revolved around major tech companies or products such as Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, iPhone, Xbox 360 or Kindle Fire incited a flurry of online reactions.

In the infographic below, Klout lists the most-buzzed about companies, tech products, locations, people and music genres of the year, and many of the topics are in line with what got Mashable readers fired up.

“When people talked about these topics, they got tons of RTs, @mentions, shares, comments, likes and more,” Klout’s marketing manager Megan Berry told Mashable Thursday. “These are the topics their audiences loved to discuss, share, and, in some cases, hate.”"

Aunk's commentary.

Notice Iphone at the top. I vote that Iphone was easily the top and most influential Tech topic of 2011. I see the top and most influential topic in the world for the 21st century to date as the Obama, Democratic 2008 win, after the Bush American and worldwide disaster. Right after that comes Iphone. Almost everyone I know has or is planing to get an Iphone. Most are just waiting for their contract on their old button phone to run out.  Iphone was recently rated as the top company in the in customer satisfaction moving ahead of Google. The Google Iphone knock offs are mostly plastic with lower brightness and sharpness lacking AirPlay, Siri and a host of other things.

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