Monday, February 27, 2012

Whitney Houston at a Cultural Health High Point In South Africa

I is always remarkable to feel the transformation that comes over African Americans when they are in their ancestral home. Queen Whitney sings I have nothing in South Africa (Video).

Many in America do not know that Whitney was the first to perform in Azania (South Africa) after its reclamation by its people. Her purpose was to celebrate the President's victory with her concert. In these hours of our honorable ancestor's  transitioning, let us again remember this historic time of Cultural Health on the musical rise at home and abroad. Many say this was her greatest performance.

Let's Go to The Video Tape: (7:27)

She seemed to me at this moment to embody many of the great elements of a siting Queen of Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt) come to visit the great one's of the South.

Like most AA's and people of good will around the world, Whitney's spirit was in the fight to free South Africa. Let us now take a look at her with the man she came to honor. It is most edifying to feel the oneness of Whitney with the people, the land and President Mandela.

Whitney Houston Meets Nelson Mandela (0:35)
Yes indeed, what a classical moment in time to see an African from America in her ancestral home with the Great One. This rear clip could also be called a Queen meets a King. RIP Whitney.

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Whitney is a good singer and a highly respected singer in the whole world. Good job Whitney, you really deserves the title.

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