Monday, February 06, 2012

Dirty Harry Makes Obama's Day with Chrysler Super Bowl Ad

The Chrysler it's halftime in America Ad was the most useful of all the Superbowl ad's. Did it win the election for the President. (Video)

Most of the ad's are using the emotion of the Super Bowl and sex to sell poison stuff they call food or drink or something else of limited value or worst. The Chrysler Ad tied all that emotion to doing what is right for America. Wow, Powerful. How many millions of Americans will see this Ad when they go into the voting both in November?

This was a great let's go America ad. Our President used our money to help Chrysler and the auto industry in general. He and his Dems put union Americans to work, now they are leading the country's recovery forward.

I am a Giant Fan, and there were a lot of people talking before the game. But in the end their is noting like demonstrated performance. Before the Presidential Superbowl of 2012 there are a lot of people talking. But in the end, their's nothing like demonstrated performance e.g. the President's Chrysler success for America.

I am proud to say I drive a Chrysler. I want to buy an Iphone stamped "MADE IN AMERICA". GM is again #1 in the world in making cars. The Republicans wanted to save the banks and let the union workers eat cake.

We know who is helping the middle class and who is not. The question during our American half time is, how are you going to vote.

Do your part to spreed the word, Click Here Wait till you see the US Map hand How Chrysler finds all your friends and shows you their picture and location as they deliver your message to them.

Elect NO Republican for 100 years, starting in 2012!

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