Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Black History Month: Experts Discover First Modern Aircraft Was Designed by Africans

Yes, the evidence is in, thousands of years before the Wright Brothers in 1948, Africans in Classical African Civilization, Kemet built the first modern airplane in recorded history (Video)

African Plane

Let's Go To The Video Tape:

This video is subject to be pulled from YouTube by the History Channel in the future So let me summerize what the the video reveled. The name of the series on the History channel is Ancient Aliens: The Evidence, this video was of (Season 1: Episode 1/5) 1 hour and 27 minutes but the part that is relevant to the headline is only 5 minutes long from about the 3 minute point in the tape to the 8 minute point in the tape. 

Many from the West have historically attempted to credit everyone but Africans for African discoveries. This Ancient Egypt was built by aliens hocuspocus  is just the latest phase of this misguided non-sense. So the video is to be watched with the standard African grain of salt. Truth is sometime found in the oddest placed which, is why it is important to review all sources especially hostile and even non-nonsensical ones. 

Let's go to Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt)

What were the facts that this video points out. Near the Step Pyramid of Djoser, built by Imhotep in Sakkara (Saqqara) the ancient burial grounds of the great African city of Memphis we find a modern airplane next to a papyrus that says "I want to fly". The was mistaken for a simple carving of a bird and like so many other great African artifacts lay hidden away next to some birds in a museum basement. Not seriously considered for what it actually was until 2006 when Aviation and aerodynamics expert Simon Sanderson built a scale model of the Sakkara plane and tested it in a modern wind tunnel. Test results, the African Plane is a highly developed glider of a mathematical design like what we use today. Computer modeling also confirms the wind tunnel African glider results. 

The experts then speculate on a catapult launch system not unlike the bungee cord launch of gliders by some glider enthusiasts of today.   

Every Black history month I try to learn something new, this month I have exceeded my own expectations. I did not find any aliens but this is what I did find is this. 

My conclusion, not only did Africans walk and sail out of Africa but they flew out of Africa. The discovery of ancient landing strips in the America's and around the world, along with drawings and constructions that only make sense from the air, is now clear. 

This discovery of ancient African Aircraft will dramatically change how we think about history and Africans.  

Students of CAC note the KA and RA in the name Sakkara which, also tells you information about the plane that will be missed by non-initiates.  

Does anyone have a lead on the following book?
Dr. Algund Eenboom co-author of Aircraft of the Pharaoh's and 

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