Sunday, June 22, 2008

MSNBC Gets the Testicular Fortitude to Kill A Smear (Poll&Video)

MSNBC did a remarkable thing that all the other networks should look out their front window and follow. The Republican Smear machine was activated to smear Michelle Oboma. The MSNBC research team found that McCain said he "...did not love America, until..." and Dan Abrams called the smearer's on their duplicity.

The Republican anti-humanists were trying to Black Boat Obama by going after one of his greatest strengths his wife. This is not new, Bush and the Forty Thieves Black Boated McCain talking about his "Black" Child in an election campaign.So we know that the Culturally Poisoned attack on Michelle Obama was designed to create the old "FUD", (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt). You know Obama's wife is unpatriotic, all Blacks are unpatriotic so Obama is unpatriotic and you can not trust him.

We know the deal, what is new is the fact that the mainstream media and the democrats did not let the Republican swift boat attack just hang out in the atmosphere without a response. Dan Abrams of MSNBC's 'Verdict put together a panel that put some of the people doing the smearing before the camera and challenged them on their duplicity. The Democrats put Michelle on the View and did other proactive things to neutralize the anti-humanists attack.

Now Dan and the panel did not use the words Cultural Poisoning this time, but they did call Mr. Larsons' remarks "borderline racist", this is close enough, I'll take it. Listen carefully to Lars Larson the radio talk show host that was exposed on the Verdict. He is a good example of the modern Cultural Terrorist a kind of David Duke light. The Republicans will deploy these smear machines strategically and we the American people must turn our radar on and get good at detecting them.

We have real important issues to deal with as a nation. The election in November will determine the fate of not just out country, but the word. We must not again allow Republicans to spin us out of our shoes, so that they can once again steal everything that is not nailed down and drive their rescission into a national depression.Keep your eyes on the prize 1. End the War, 2. National Health Care and 3. The Obama Green Moon Shot (energy independence)

If you want to help stop smear and other forms of Black Boating at the birth canal , click here and watch MSNBC.

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