Sunday, June 01, 2008

White Priest at Obama's Church Makes YouTube Loop

Father Micheal Pfleger preaches about White privilege and denial using Hillary as an example, causes fire storm. This seems to be the last straw in Obama's decision to resign from his Chicago church.

Father Pfleger Rant - Final Straw or Obama Exit Strategy?

Well, I can say without fear of contradiction, Obama sure knows some fiery preachers. I would not have made that speech, nor would I have resigned from this open, flexible, pull no punches , high energy church. I may not agree with everything they say but you have to admit these folks will keep you awake on Sunday. But then again, I am not running for President of the United States of America.

If we take the unfortunate  reference to Hillary out ,  Father  Mike sounds like he was making a useful cultural poisoning point about denial of White Privilege in  America.  This is  another "clip" of something  I would like to  see  the  full speech on.

Was this the final straw or Obama's exit strategy? It was a little of both. Obama and family were talking about the attack by Republicans hacks on him and on the church. He cannot control what happens at Trinity Church, this is politically problematic. The church has done great work in the community and is now getting death threats. Obama's decision to resign from the church is probably, on balance, the best thing for Obama's campaign and his former church and the people of that community who need the unhampered services of that institution. 

Speaking the full context
, here is a part of Father Mike's speech defending African American leaders and Cultural Soldiers, that you did not see looped in the corporate media.

Father Pfleger Defends Farrakhan, Wright, and even Obama

Did you notice the Culturally Healthy mud cloth on the podium. Finally what should European Americans take away from this continuing surprise about what goes on in the Black church. Church, is one of the places that African Americans and their friends speak freely. You may not like what you hear but if you want to, "hear" Black people, church is one place you should listen to.

Cultural Literacy is a terrible thing to waste

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