Monday, June 16, 2008

Obama Talks about Cultural Health on Father's Day (Video)

Obama makes a remarkable speech about one of the most important elements of Cultural Health, fatherhood and the family as rocks in our foundation. (video 23 min)

Barack Obama's Speech on Father's Day

There are some that will say this speech is political. They will say that everything Obama does from now to November is political . And yes, this speech will have political implications but the speech goes way beyond politics as usual. I know of no candidate for President of the United States that would come to my church and have the good judgment, skills and empathy necessary to make this call to action and paint this picture of positive change on Father's Day.

He pointed to a number of things that fathers should incorporate into their lives and their families.

High Expectations
empathy (not sympathy)
Faith and hope

It is interesting to note how respectful Obama's speech was. Respectfull to the church, to the community, to fathers, mothers, children and the Nation. My regular readers know that I start most conversations with Hetep and Respect. I point this out to say, that Obama may not use the terminology of Cultural Health yet, but his speech was culturally healthy.

Barack talked about not just fatherly responsibility and family responsibility he talked about national responsibility. He talked to the fact that each citizen has a responsibility to improved the Nation's Cultural Health so that we leave a better nation for his children,our children and the world.

That is my Cultural commentary. That is what I heard, a call to action and a message of hope to fathers, individual families and the National family. What did you hear?
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Shelia said...

It was an incredible sermon/speech. Call it what people may, it was the truth, and addressed a lot of the ills in our community. I appreciate it.

Black on Campus said...

Too many people have compared Obama's Father's Day speech to the speeches given by Bill Cosby, saying that both men are engaging in Black male bashing. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many differences between the content, perspective, and tone of each of these speakers. I appreciate what you say about the respect with which Obama spoke. This element is something that most of Mr. Cosby's speeches on this subject have lacked.

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