Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nader Consumer Advocate, Consumes Racism? (Poll)

Nader and Imus make the news with racism like remarks this week. Both demonstrated symptoms of Cultural Poisoning. Imus is a good example of chronic CP Dis-ease. Video

Ralph Nadar Says Obama " TALKS WHITE "

Nader says, "...,there is only one thing different about Obama he is "half black"..."(first symptom of Cultural Poisoning) Then he says Obama wants to talk "White", implying that he doesn't want to be a "real" Black like Jessie Jackson, Wow. (Second symptom of Cultural Poisoning.

I liked Nader's work on consumer issues, I did not know that he was consumed by Cultural Poisoning. If Nader wanted to help me he would have endorsed Obama (he says McBush is bad news) and helped me and my family get National health care in four years. Nader is finished in my book, he is harmful to Democrats and African Americans.

Now lets listen to the repeat offender Imus

Don Imus' Racism Emerges Again!!

Imus is a good example of someone suffering from chronic Cultural Poisoning. Like the alcoholic, the tell tail symptom of the dis-ease is denial. When you hear someone deny any form of Cultural Poisoning, like Imus has, turn your racedar on low because it is about to get another big dose of anti-humanism. One thing you can count on from a drunk is that he will get drunk again.

These videos are presented as part of your Cultural Health training. With practice you should be able to detect Cultural Poisoning. If you have the Dis-ease I hope the video and discussion serves as an antidote.
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