Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Clinton Proves That Bush Caused Korean Problems

President Bill Clinton securing the release of Americans from North Korea demonstrates that President Bush was the source of most of America's problems with North Korea.

You remember when Clinton and Kim Jung Il got along and The President of North Korea had UN camera's monitoring his nuclear program. You Remember when North Korea was working with its Asian brothers and sisters in South Korea to unify like the Asians in Vietnam. Then Bush called Kim Jung Il an ugly little pygmy and put Korea in his axis of evil.

You will recall it was then that the camera's came out and the new Korean "problem" started. Kim is sending a message.

The message is, now that the good people of America have come to their senses and gotten rid of the crazy Bush. I can act rational and work with you folks again, now that you are not threatening to attack my country in some kind of crazy Bush holy war on "evil".

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