Sunday, August 02, 2009

Gates/Crowley off the Front Page - “Health” Care is back.

Friday night on the news Hour Ch 13 (PBS) had it at the end, but the commentator said there was not enough time to cover it. Sunday talk leads with the economy and Health Care, so the President was successful in getting this story off the MSM front pages.

"I’m outraged. I can’t believe that an individual policeman on the Cambridge police force would treat any African-American male this way, and I am astonished that this happened to me..."

My advice to our President is if someone says “friend”, you say no comment. However, anything that will help my friends and all our citizens get affordable, transferable, non cancel Health Care is a good thing.

This is my last call for alcohol on this issue. One of the things missed in most of the commentary is the shock to Dr. Gates’ cultural system. Dr. Vega an African Latino American professor knowledgeable regarding Cultural Health calls this shock Post Traumatic Gates Syndrome (PTGS). Dr. Joy DeGruy who is an expert on a subset of Cultural Poisoning she describes as Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS), informs us, from a psychologists point of view, about AA PTSS behavior as a result of the enslavement during World War Zero. Most AA’s, especially males, have a PTSS understanding of the full danger inherent in interaction with police.

A relatively small number of AA’s, usually highly placed in the system and not Cultural Soldiers have a cultural orientation that sees the reality of the three levels of police attack on their fellows but do not envision that such a thing could ever happen to them. When an attack does happen to them, especially in their home (a man’s castle), the shock and behavior (PTGS) that results can be profound and unpredictable.

So the question is will Dr. Gates disappear like Dr. Wright disappeared “for the good of America”. Regressive Republicans have demonstrated that they will attempt to use “race” and now health care to derail the President and the will of the people. I think Gates has been asked to keep a low profile and not put himself in enemy hands as a tool to get the focus off of “Health” Care reform.

Will Dr. Gates’ sue, will he convert Sgt Crowley into a Tim Wise anti-racism activist, will Dr. Gates connect with Cultural Soldiers and do a documentary on Classical African Civilization, Kemet (ancient Egypt) or will he just agree to disagree and disappear? Only time will tell the end results of this police attack and I will be paying close attention and keeping my RaceDar on.

What is the Cultural Health teachable moment, regarding the Beer heard around the world? We must mount an effort to pass a law requiring all police officers in America to wear pinhole camera badges. The technology is here, my Iphone has a video recorder in it and it is lighter than many police badges. Citizens must arm themselves with cell cams. Let’s use the technology to get the facts, protecting our good police officers and citizens.

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