Sunday, August 30, 2009

Obama Eulogizes Ted Kennedy (Video)

We as a nation and as individuals can lean much about Cultural Health from the life and passing of the honorable Ted Kennedy.

In Classical African Civilization, Kemet, (Ancient Egypt) the most important thing that could be said of an individual at the end of their time in this life was that they were a speaker of truth.

I watched the rituals of transition attend to Ted most of the day on Saturday. As I reflected on his life and his family and the remarkable spontaneous response from the man in the street of every stripe, it dawned on me that we Americans know truth when we see it. We know a good hart and a positive force, somehow automatically, even if we can't put it into words.

Speaking of putting things into words The President's thoughts reminded me that Ted grew toward truth. It is funny, how if we are on a bright path, we all speak more truth the older we get. On education, jobs and health care Ted spoke a lot of truth, but most notable to me, he spoke and acted a lot of family truth.

RIP Ted, Amen

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