Saturday, August 15, 2009

Republicans Want Americans to Get Health Care in Animal Stalls.

We know the Republican AstroTurf Health Care Mobs are against "Health" Care Reform. The question is what are they for? Democracy Now and MSNBC reported the answer. (Video)

The Anti-humanest Republicans have been trying to scare the elderly and addled brained with Presidential Death Panel outright lies. They are happy that Health Insurance profits are up 422% and that the number of insured Americans has dropped 18%.

Think you have good insurance and don't need "Health" Care Reform (HCR). Remember the movie John Q, when "Health" insurance and Hospital dirty tricks kick in, you could be the next American to find yourself being placed in an Animal stall for treatment.

If you want to improve your understanding of the actual state of Health care in America Click Here. If Obama wants to continue to regain reform momentum in September, as he has in August, he should do a town hall meeting from A Remote Area Medical care giver location during the first week of September, and see if the Republican HC mob has the testicular fortitude to show up and face sick Americans who don't have medical insurance.

A RAM Town Hall meeting would seal the deal for passage of "Health" Care reform in September.

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