Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy a Remarkable Cultural Humanist, Dies at 77

Hetep and Respect Ted Kennedy, thank you for your positive life, your contributions to the Nation and your support of the African American community. (Video)

It is to this day, not uncommon to find two pictures of public figures on the walls of elder AA's King and Kennedy. Both were good examples of improved and improving Cultural Health in America. Kennedy and his family hold a special place in our harts.

I listened to the eulogy for his brother and it has given me pause this day to reflect on this most remarkable Irish American family of great Cultural Humanists.

Ted's Dream, as he recently expressed it, was health care for all as a right not a privilege. As we move forward in September to pass New American "health" Care, everyone in - no one out, a new Health Care battle cry will rise up in the American People.

Remember The Kennedy Dream!

RIP Ted, Amen

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Aunk said...

They should rename his Senate bill The Kennedy Health Care Bill.

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