Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Rules: Black President, Police Say Carrying Live Guns to Debates is OK.

Hard to believe my eyes. It was just yesterday if you were not a card carrying Republican with and ID to prove it you could not get withing X feet to miles (Free Speech Zones) of where President Bush might be. (Video)

Could these police be some of Sgt Crowleys brothers? Speaking of "Free Speech Zones" I am speechless.

And it gets worst, now bringing machine guns to places where the American President will be is OK. I mean how can you have a peaceful debate without one or two guns. Click Here

People are making the excuse of state open carry laws in 40 states. There are state laws that allow you to carry signs. Remember when Bush and the forty thieves would have you carry your signs miles away (Free Speech Zone). You will recall Republicans had people arrested for carrying the wrong sign let alone a gun.

If I came to a Bush event with a gun I would be put in jail as a terrorist, with no charge and no access to a lawyer.

Why would and African American, or anyone, be at an Obama event with a weapon? More importantly, why are these people not in jail or in a psychiatric ward.

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