Saturday, February 26, 2011

Curing Diabetes in 30 Days? (Video)

If a person has type 2 diabetes for 20 years can they be diabetes free in 30 days?

I have a friend that has diabetes, or has he says, he is A Diabetic. Imagine that, he did not say he is a human being or a god man but he envisions himself as something called a "Diabetic", wow. Now like most Allopathic doctors I know of, his doctor told him that he has a "disease" called diabetes he will have it for life, but he can help him "manage" it with drugs (insulin). He has told him the perfunctory, exercise and eat right line. By eat right he means something allopaths call counting carbs, meaning counting carbohydrates the food that turns into sugar.

My friend knows that his body's loss of its ability to manage sugar in his blood is a deadly condition that would have caused his death if his allopathic MD had not given him this life saving drug. He also knows that if he gives himself the wrong dose of this drug he could kill himself. So the most important events of everyday of his life is counting carbs, Eating "on time" and getting his dose right.

Is my friend's diagnoses and treatment the only diagnoses and treatment?

Let's go to the video tape.

Each of our decisions about health has trade offs and we must weigh the benefits vs. risks of treatment plans presented to us. If you were my friend which treatment plan would you choose?

So what can you do about diabetes? If you have friends and family with this blood sugar management malfunction make sure they see this 5 minute video so that they at least have a choice and chance of restoring their health.

Note: this piece is about treatment for type 2 diabetes not type 1. To my knowledge type 1 diabetes can be caused by vaccines but no one has proposed a consistent treatment to reverse type 1.

After writing the above two sentences it was pointed out to me that there are other realities regarding type 1 diabetes to consider Click Here.

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