Monday, February 28, 2011

Houston Police Attack Black Child - Secret Video

A secret video of police brutality committed by four criminally insane Houston Texas police officers against a defenseless AA child has been made public.

Remember the faces of the guilty outcasts 
Note, the Culturally Poisoned African American and/or Multi-ethnic criminal cop!

Let's Go To The Video Tape

Don't believe your lying eyes. Like with Rodney King, the police "lawyers" will say, we have computerized analysis of the speed of the cops foot that shows the criminally insane cops we actually using restraint, yeah, right.

These criminals should be immediately arrested and placed in jail without bail till trial. Upon conviction of criminal assault they should receive the maximum sentence times two. Some 12 officers were actually at the scene. The Officers at the scene that did not arrest the criminal cops on the spot should be disciplined. The discipline should include a reduction in rank and pay for a first dereliction of duty offence.

All cops, in addition to car cameras, should be required to ware badge cameras when on duty. 

In addition, This incident should alert citizens of high moral character and good will that a new law is needed. The police department, the mayor and the "People's" Courts conspired to prevent the public from seeing important evidence in a police brutality case. They kept the tape you have just seen secret from you. Do you think local officials have the authority to override your right to see the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, in the case of police brutality against citizens. If you value your rights then we need a law making it a federal crime to conceal such evidence from the public.  

Texas is in the New York Times bigot belt and has a long history of Cultural Poisoning and it's extreme form racism. The swarm of Houston police kicking and beating an unarmed, surrendered, 15-year-old kid named Chad Holley who was running away from a burglary, is just the latest example of this continuing reality. This beating is not an exception perpetrated by a few bad apples, the whole barrel is rotten. These bad actors must be made an example of and ostracized by good police officers. 

The problem is nationwide and justice requires ACTION to gain traction, so I urge you to call on Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate Chad Holley's brutal beating and prosecute all criminal activity associated with this crime. 

Sign the petition and lets start bringing accountably to out of control police and public officials. 

Any cop that does a crime should get twice the time.   

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