Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scott Walker Runs on Racist Koch Money

The Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch are not just bad actors in the Republican party. The are JBS Cultural Terrorists that have AA civil rights in their target sights. Unions like the auto unions have played a major role in AA's moving into the middle class. The Republican attack on unions is an attack on AA economic wellbeing.
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Scott Walker Runs on Koch Money

Madison, Wisconsin - A new investigation by the Center for Media and Democracy documents the big money funneled by one of the richest men in America and one of the richest corporations in the world to put controversial Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in office.
The Republican Governors Association and the Kochs' Investment in Scott Walker
Walker was elected just over three months ago on the heels of an exceptionally expensive gubernatorial race in the Badger State, fueled by groups funded by the Koch brothers, David and Charles. David Koch, the son of a radical founding member of the John Birch Society, which has long been obsessed with claims about socialism and advocated the repeal of civil rights laws, personally donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association (RGA) in June of last year. This was the most he had ever personally given to that group. (Fellow billionaire Rupert Murdoch matched Koch's donation to the RGA with a $1 million donation from his company News Corporation, parent company of FOX "News" Channel.)
Democracy Now ran the important audio highlights listen for the part were Gov. Walker criminally admits to considering planting violent thugs into the peaceful citizens of his state. He should be impeached and placed in prison for no less then 20 years as a message to other criminally minded Republicans that think we the people will stand still for this type of madness.     


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