Monday, February 21, 2011

Wisconsin Gone Wild! Republicans Start Wisconsin War

f you are a worker and voted for a Republican, like some teachers and police and fire fighters did in the state of Wisconsin, and thought they were going to help you, guess again. Republican extremists in congress have declared war on the constitution,health care and the Social Security of citizens. At the State level Republicans have declared open warfare on workers. (Video & InfoGraphic)

The criminal corporations have touched the third rail and finally woken the sleeping giant.

Republican Governor Scott Walker gave Corporations 150 million dollars in tax cuts, then claims a 130 million budget short fall. He uses his voodoo economics as an excuse for launching microwave worker legislation in an attempt to destroy American worker rights.

To clear up any misinformation you should understand that public employees do not make more then private employees, InfoGraphic.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

Just in case you don't get it. The Republican SCOTUS said corporations have the same rights as human beings. Next human beings will be 3/5's of a corporation. The Republican corporate crack mules have come for the Wisconsin worker today, they will come for you tomorrow. STAND UP!

I predict that there will be hundreds of thousands of middle class workers in the streets in Wisconsin. There will be a day when all workers by the millions in cities across the country stand uP. Wisconsin workers should stand in opposition to the Republican Wisconsin War on Workers until the Republican Governor steps down and we in the nation need to stand with them.

8 Republicans should be recalled from office in the 30 days, or sooner. No Wisconsin worker should negotiate with Walker, like no Egyptian would negotiate with Mubarak, the Governor is unfit to govern and must step down.

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