Wednesday, February 02, 2011

For Black History Month Fox News Removes Egypt From Africa

It is interesting that as we enter Black History month, I am reporting on Fox "News" using a map on National TV that literally shows Egypt in the wrong physical position on the earth. Then they go on to also portray a Culturally Poisoned misrepresentation of the history of Egypt. (Video)

I will not even go into the cultural Poisoning associated with trying to take Egypt out of Africa and put it in a Western construct called the "Middle East". Just look at were Fox has placed Egypt, They have removed it from North East Africa and put it in the physical position occupied by Iraq. Wow!

I read a piece on MSNBC/Newsvine that shows as a result of Cultural Illiteracy which, is one of the things Black History Month tries to correct, that most Americans and many in the world did not get what Fox was doing, they thought is was just a mistake. If this were MSNBC or CNN maybe but not at Fox. Rupert Murdoch the foreigner who runs FOX is a cultural terrorists. Fox "News" and Murdock's paper's like the Post in New York City are known by African Americans to be overrun with Cultural Terrorists and other individuals with an over dose of Cultural Poisoning.

IMHO, this was not an accident, just like the Beck "honor" rally designed to dishonor Dr. King and African Americans, the Fox Egypt "error" was designed to dishonor Black history month and African Americans. Do not make the mistake of thinking the hard core conservative right is stupid. The anti-kemetites among them know the value of Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt) to the 2 billion plus Black people worldwide in general and to AA's in particular. The anti-kemites use to spread the Culturally Poisoning myth of the "White Africans" that built Kemet, now that that has been discredited they are spreading their new myth

Let's Go to the Video Tape

Did you hear the commentator and his guest talking about the history of Egypt and the Arabs we are seeing on the streets of modern Egypt. A listener who did not know the history of North Africa would think that the invading Arabs that now occupy Egypt have a "history going back to the Pharaohs", what Cultural Poisoning clap trap. The anti-Kemites have moved from the White African myth to the Arab African myth these dogs won't hunt. The African Pyramids were built by Africans not these myths or the mythical "Jewish" Slaves of the Anti-Kemetic Hollywood of old.

Cultural Literacy Minute: The Arab invaders who now occupy modern Egypt like the Greeks and Assyrians before them have have no more to do with Native Egyptians then us who occupy modern America today have to do with Native Americans.

So cultural poisoning is not just in the Fox map picture but in the Fox words that would cause the unsuspecting to mix up moderns with Natives of Kemet or Natives of turtle island (Ancient America). Fox "news" had the highest percentage of Americans who incorrectly believed that Iraq was part of the 911 attack. That was not a "mistake" because the people at Fox are stupid. The people at Fox wanted their low information audience to believe that particular lie, so they made it so. The question is who controls what you know, or think you know?

If you watch Fox, STOP it's bad news

Study: Fox News makes you stupid.


Curtis Cost said...

Aunk, I feel that the appropriate response to Fox declaring in effect that Egypt is not in Africa would be for BET to declare that England is not a part of Europe. After all England is just an Island which anyone can confirm by looking at a map. In fact, BET should also declare that Europe is not a continent. When anyone looks at a map, it becomes clear that what is called Europe is just a peninsula of Asia.

Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect Curtis cost, Point well taken.

I listened to Democracy Now's (independent News no corporate sponsors) reporting of the Egyptian uprising and guess what straight news for and with the people on the ground.

Fox and Beck who has maps with fire magnets that he sticks on countries, is using this uprising as a Cultural Poisoning propaganda opportunity.

I have not seen BET News, but I bet BET and Democracy Now would be better source of useful information about what is going on in Egypt.

Do you think the Monuments of Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt) are in any danger?

Curtis Cost said...

Hetep and Respect Aunk.
I hope that the monuments are not in danger. The West does have a respect for them, but they are also very jealous of the fact that Africans built them. The Arabs know that they have nothing to do with those monuments which fuels more jealousy. I can only keep my fingers crossed.

Mahendran jaganathan said...

Thanks for sharing. Fox News the best

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