Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet Allen, Anti-multiculturalism, West - Cultural Traitor

In you think African Americans vote for Black People blindly think again. You will remember in the primary candidate Barack Obama was watched very closely for Cultural Health, before he was given the green light. Allen West fails the test.

Like Alan Keys, if you see a Black Republican put your Cultural Poisoning tin hat on, put one hand in your pocket and the other hand on your Cultural Literacy.

The respected Keith Olbermann named Allen West "Worst Person In the World" five times. There is a reason for this.

Most AA's know and won't touch Cultural Traitors like Miss Rice or Mr. Thomas with a ten foot pole. I recommend 20 foot poles for Mr. West
Amplify’d from www.huffingtonpost.com
Allen West Cpac Speech
Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) delivered the keynote address on Saturday night at this year's Conservative Political Action Conference.
and warned the mostly European American (I saw no AA's) audience. 
" and warned about allowing multiculturalism to "grow on steroids" and overshadow "definitive American culture."
Aunk: Interesting new Cultural Poisoning code, pay close attention.
The South Florida Republican blasted the health care law,
Aunk: The Affordable Care Act will help the AA community more then any law since the civil rights laws of the 60's and he is actively against ACA.
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It you were wondering if Allen West is a friend or enemy to the AA community his CPAC speech speaks for itself. 

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