Thursday, April 14, 2011

2012 Budget Comparing the GOP, President and Progressives InfoGraphics

On Wednesday March 13th 2011 the President laid out his guidelines for reducing 4 trillion in deficit reduction. We know the Republican Budget and the Democratic budget are different that is all the media has been talking about. But what about the Progressive Budget? Video and InfoGrapchics.

The national discussion on Bush deficit reduction has started with a Republican preemptive strike. Paul Ryan's Budget from hell is intended to put Repubs on offence. Result, temporary news cycle success long term fails to fool anyone.

My Top Three Issues (going into 2012 election)
1. Jobs and continue to grow economy
2. Add Dental and/or Public Option to ACA (Affordable Care Act)
3. Win the Future (activate three part strategy+bush deficit reduction)

You will notice my top three issues do not change because of Paul's non-sense "Budget". Yours should not either, this is just more distraction - Republican smoke and mirrors. Now the Progressives have a budget we should all be talking about first.The People's Budget, then we get to the middle ground of the President's Budget and last the extremest right of the GOP Budget.

The People's Budget balances the primary budget by 2014 and generates a surplus by 2021. This is payed for by simply having Americans who get more from our country, and corporations, pay their fair share. IMHO the folks who voted for Bush putting us in the ditch should pay the full cost of getting the bus out of the ditch. They should then pay their fair share of America's Winning the Future strategy. Click Here for details.

Speaking of the middle ground and drawing a line in the sand the President did a good job of delineating both. In case you missed the Presidents 2012 budget speech see video below, For details Click Here


The President points out (my interpretation) that Bush deficit reduction has a cause and a solution. In the 90's the financial house of America had been put in order. We were on tract, with a surplus in hand, to be debt free. Bush and the forty thieve came into office with a surplus and did four things that caused the bush deficit and produced no useful result for the middle class.

1. Started Afghan War cost $1T (did not get Ben laden)
2. Started Iraq War cost $1T (did not have WMD)
3. Passed Senior Part D Drug rip off cost $1T (did not lower drug cost)
4. Gave Top million/billionaires 250,000 each cost 1$T (They saved it produced no jobs)

Every voter should know by hart that this unfunded 4 trillion dollars in spending is the Bush Republican deficit that Republicans fail to take responsibility for or even tell the truth about. The President reminds us that Bush bankrupt the nation. The banks had to be unfrozen and the economic bus pulled out of the ditch resulting in additional spending as a result of the Republican failures.

The Republican Budget is designed to take from the needy and give to the greedy. The congressional budget office (CBO) graphic shows Republicans taking 4.2 trillion from the middle class, the poor and disabled and giving 4.3 Trillion to the top 2%.  This is Ronald Reagan Reverse Robin hood all over again. How has that trickle down been working for us? The Republicans truly believe their public relation belief that, the masses are A$$es.

Here is an InfoGraphic that points out some differences in the fundamental approach to deficit reduction between Democrats and Republicans.

The budget question for voters is actually a clear cut one, based on what kind of country you want America to be. A. The United States of America (USA) or B. The United Corporations of America (UCA) . The President has laid it out but he will not determine the outcome, we will. So how do you vote in 2012? Dems; a government of the people, for the people and by the people or Repubs; a government of the corporations, for the corporations and by the corporations.

All the cards are on the table, it is up to you to join us on TeamAmerica so we can Win The Future!

Which Budget would you vote for Progressive, President's or GOP?


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