Sunday, April 10, 2011

Libya: Africans Agree on Cease-fire

The question is while the African Union representing the continent has gained an agreement on the continent's road map to peace, will the West respect it.

I support the President but, I believe his involving the United States in the Libyan Civil War was a cultural risk of the highest magnitude. The red, black and green flag of the "rebels" is not the Black liberation flag that many mistakenly believed. It is the flag, with its religious symbol, of violent religious cultural terrorists. It is not in the West's interest to have these religious extremests take control of a secular African country and turn it into a theocracy.

The President has what he asked for, a no-fly zone in the air and a cease-fire on the ground. Mass murder of civilians has been averted and the Africans are now managing the diplomatic road map on the ground.

This is a Kennedy Bay of Pigs decision moment Mr. President. The Chinese have a War ship off the coast of Africa. This is a good opportunity put a hold on the French, declare objectives met and let the Africans go back to managing their affairs on their own continent.

I love my African brothers and would like to help them some more however, we have our own challenges after Bush and the forty thieves bankrupt our nation. We have our own right wing religious extremests trying to destroy our country. We have a FUTURE TO WIN back here in America, and jobs to create and miles to go before we sleep.

By Rudy Aunk

Libya: Gaddafi government accepts peace plan, says Zuma

South African President Jacob Zuma says the Libyan government has accepted an African Union peace plan to end the eight-week-old conflict.
Mr Zuma and three other African leaders met Libya's leader, Col Muammar Gaddafi, in Tripoli on Sunday. An AU team is now going on to the eastern rebel stronghold of Benghazi.
The African Union's road map calls for an immediate cease-fire, opening channels for humanitarian aid and talks between the rebels and the government.
"The brother leader [Col Gaddafi] delegation has accepted the roadmap as presented by us," Mr Zuma declared.
"We have to give the ceasefire a chance," he said, after several hours of talks.
The details of the plan would be set out later in a statement, Mr Zuma said.


Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect, I originally included the following statement in this article on the Libyan civil war.

"I believe his involving the United States in the Libyan Civil War was an error in judgement a cultural blunder of the highest magnitude."

I now rescind these words as to harsh. I do not have sufficient Cultural Literacy about Libya to make such a statement. But there is a substantial cultural risk as I have reported before. Time will tell us what the actual and long term cultural impact of the President's decision will be.

xbox wireless controller said...

This is good news to everyone, especially the U.N. I do hope so, that everything was over and at peace. Unity is important to all countries, Libya will for the sake of the good people.

Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect xbox wireless controller, yes it is good news.

"...Unity is important to all countries...."

I look forward to seeing the Libyans work out a settlement that keeps this African leadership nation whole.

The ball is in the rebel champ,the world will be watching. We assume they will except the AU map.

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