Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Iphone 5 Rumors - InfoGraphic

I owned and Iphone before there was and Iphone! There has never been more hype in the history of the world about any product as their is about the Iphone. For a simplified look at the rumors and my top pick you have to see this InfoGraphic.

 This is what I think Steve Jobs has created for us.

Traditional June/July announcement deleyed till September because 8 mega pixel camera from Sony delayed do to factory hit by earthquake. 

Aunk's Top 10 Iphone Rumor Picks

A5 CPU, more ram, 64gb model

IOS 5 at launch

8 Mega pixel Camera 

Full HD video 1080p


4G Support

Free Itunes Cloud

Low cost model

Thats my prediction I am sure Steve, the genius Jobs will keep the world's best hand held communicator the gold standard to beat.  

For the real time all the rumors fit to print infographic click here

Speaking of hand held, do you know the name of the Apple product that was the Iphone before there was an Iphone?

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