Friday, April 22, 2011

Solar Power Breakthrough Optical Battery

To summarize the windows in your home could power your house and you could the sell excess electricity back to the grid.

It sounds to me like the President's Green Moon Shot is working.

Winning the Future, by out innovating, out educating, and out building the world

Think of what Optical batteries would mean not just here at home but say on the continent of Africa.

- Yes we can -

P.S. your dam right we can TeamAmerica

If we closed down the four wars we are in  Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Lybia and our 700 military bases around the world and focused the money on Optical batteries health care for our citizens, Social Security would be sound, jobs would be abundant, the national debt would be gone and we would have a surplus. Then would just have to keep the Republicans away from the surplus.

Vote for the Green Moon Shot in 2012. Let's Give our President and his Dems the juice to Win the Future for America and the world.

By Rudy Aunk-------------

BREAKING: Solar Power Breakthrough Could Render Photovoltaic Cells Obsolete

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when traveling at the right intensity through a material such as glass that does not conduct electricity, can create magnetic fields that are 100 million times stronger than previously thought possible. In these conditions, the resulting magnetic field is strong enough to rival a strong electric effect. The result is an “optical battery


hann said...
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