Thursday, April 21, 2011

The French Cultural Terrorist Sarkozy Attacks Africans in Their Own Land

A little publicized African Article, French President Sarkozy swims in racism’s deep end, gives us the details. The decedents of World War Zero still walk among us.

 “The tragedy of Africa is that the African has not fully entered into history.
You remember the "French" Congo. You remember the French enslavement of  Africans in Hati during World War Zero (African Holocaust 100m dead). The French used Western Cultural Anti-Humanists nation's to force the Africans to pay them money for defeating the French Army. As part of the payment the French forced the cutting down of all the trees in Hati, in an attempt to disconnect the Africans from their ancestors. The descendent's of those French Cultural Terrorists still walk among us.


You will recall just a few years back, it was Bush and the forty thieves that kidnapped  the duly elected President of Hati, Aristide, after he partitioned for French reparations, an sent him to a French controlled country in Africa.

A French corporation is going to build the plant to clean up the Asian nuclear disaster, another deception? It is interesting to note that it was the French who attacked millions of Asians in Vietnam for profit. The French who are now attacking the Africa Nation of Libya for profit (Steal oil back). And now they maybe behind letting millions of Asians get sick and die for profit in Japan. 
At some point the worlds' people must wake up to the historic role of the Cultural anti-humanist in France.
This is what their President thinks about Africa. Japan, those you think are your friends may not be.
Muammar Abu Meniar el-Gaddafi Height
6' (1.83 m) 
The FRENCH and British now say they are going to send in ground troops on African soil again. President Obama don't let the devil make you do it. You don't need a Kennedy Bay of Pigs just before the 2012 Elections. 

For more details about the lead picture in this article and Sarkozy's proclivity toward deception Click Here  What you see on MSM TV is not always what you see.

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