Monday, April 11, 2011

China's First Human Space Flight

While the Republicans are distracting Americans from the Task our President set for the 21st Century of - Winning The Future- our Chinese brothers are busy. They are also investing in Africa

The world is moving forward while Republicans are trying to move our country backwards.

We need to throw the Republicans let's shut down government, prevent the rich from contributing their fair share to America's future types, out of all political positions in the nation.

The Chinese are working on their moon shot and that is good. We need to be working on our Green moon shot to ensure our future.

Elect NO Republican for 100 years, starting in 2012

By Rudy Aunk
Asia's star burns ever brighter in space
BEIJING — Asia's extraterrestrial ambitions have rocketed from nowhere in the 50 years since the first human space flight, with China shooting for the moon while India and Japan fuel up their own programmes.
Since China in 2003 became the world's third nation to put a man in space independently, after the United States and Russia, its manned space flight programme has earned worldwide attention.
In October, it launched its second lunar probe Chang'e-2 -- the next step in a bold programme to become the second country to put a man on the moon. Beijing also plans to build its own space station.

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