Monday, September 21, 2009

The Million Moron March (9/12 health care protest)

Republicans said there were 2 million protesters. The reality is that there was a loose mob of about seventy thousand pro death wing nuts that you really have to see to believe (Video)

Their behavior is moronic because their answers to the questions put to them are NON-sense. To quote Barney Frank, what planet do these people live on.


1. Lady with no "health insurance, protesting against "health" Care for all, How stupid is that.

2. Lady paying for Republican "Health" "Insurance" out the wazoo, according to her, who is protesting so she can keep paying out the wazoo, which, will guarantee 20% Wazoo growth. Maybe I am wrong, but this kind of convoluted "logic" seems moronic, if not on the lunatic fringe.

3. People who want the government out of their Social Security but are taking the checks. I am sorry, but these answers do not strike me as professorial.

To me it is astonishing, are these the faces of the undead Bush Republican party? What do you think about these Americans?

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Aunk said...

Don't just read talk back

PyroCreep said...

From the television coverage I have seen, only Fox news clamed there were 2 million people. Of course you have to take into consideration, Fox news is the main promoter of the march, and everything that comes out of fox news is a load of crap anyhow.

Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect PyroCreep, you hit the nail on the head

Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect I was talking with a reader on MSNBCNewsvine and something they said made me think. This is part of my response which, is relevant to this article on Republicans that actually vote against their own self interests.


I am for ZPG which will decrease problems with almost everything.

If you mean Zero Population Growth as in how the Republican Bucanan lays it out. I read Bucanan's book the Death of the West. He put forth a lot of statistics by nation and he is correct Caucasians in most places are already at or below ZPG. He also points out that substantial melanin producing people and the Asians are not at ZPG.

He then goes on to point out that Caucasians are already minorities in the world's 6 billion people and they will become minorities in their own countries if they do not take drastic action to correct the imbalance. He predicts that European Americans will become minorities in American in 2050.

Some say when you see a Republican with no health insurance voting against their own self interest (ACA) it is because they have been infected with this Bucanan fear and worry.

A kind of under the RaceDar Southern dog whistle Cultural Poisoning. That the person infected with the dis-ease can't see.

What do you think?

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