Saturday, September 25, 2010

The 42 Commandments of Ancient Egypt

The 42 commandments of Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt/Nubia), were as widely know in the ancient civilized world, as the ten commandments are known in the civilized world of today. (Video)

Here stands an African American still reciting these ancient commandments today.
:Let's Go To The Video Tape

In this version of the 42 Declarations of Freedom from Sin it is interesting to note that the Sister says I have not committed treason against my ancestors. She is hear talking about Cultural Treason. She also talks about Ma'at. To find out more about Ma'at and the worldviews that enable one to distinguish Cultural Treason Click Here.

Now let's  rewind to early Classical African Civilization (CAC) c. 4500 B.C.E. ,  and the African Astro-psychology charts. What we will see is the original cosmology that is today seperated into the "modern" disciplines of Astronomy, on the one hand and Astrology and Psychology on the other. Here we see the earlyest concept in recorded history of universal laws "Jupiter" representing the ntr law of Tehuti and justice "Mars" representing the force of Nature Herukhuti. It is from these cosmologics that the basic 11 laws flow.

Fast forward now to the Nuk Au Neter (African Bible) which, stands as the ancient testament, in relation to say the old and new testaments of modern Christianity. These holy scriptures are the source of the decelerations of freedom from sin, also known as the positive assertions (mis-named Negative confessions by Cultural Terrorists). Initiates in the Kemetic spiritual system judged themselves daily, and at the end of their lives, using Ma'at, (law, ridiculousness,  love, balance)

So what you have seen in this year of the African Star Date c. 12,010 A.S.D., is a modern African in America continuing the legacy of the shiny ones (ancestors). It is one thing to read about the 42 Commandments, it another to see a modern mut brining herself to judgement daily on her path of spiritual development. Amen, Aaaaaamen, Amen!

Cultural Literacy Minute: The African Bible has been historically mis-named in the West as the "Book of the Dead" because it was found with the dead by Culturally Illiterate invaders who robed the graves of Kemet. The pert em heru (book of coming forth by day) which, is simply a title of one of the chapters of the Nu Au Neter, is a name usually lovingly given the African holy scriptures.

What cultural technology do you use to judge yourself daily?


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the piece...preguntar (question) Why is the term "mut" used to describe the young lady?

Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect Anonymous thank you for your question.

"..Why is the term "mut" used to describe the young lady?..."

Mut is a word for women in Metu Neter (hieroglyphics)the ancient language. It is the source and core of mother that we use in the West today.

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